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About Chris

After suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in October of 2013, I was introduced to photography as a form of art therapy. And what initially started as a tool for healing quickly became my passion.

 In a very short time, photography has become an invaluable part of my life. It is through this medium that I can share with others how I interpret the world around me. It allows me to express what I am seeing, feeling and experiencing.



I have been blessed with amazing wildlife encounters throughout my life.  These are a few that I’ve experienced since my accident.




More often than not I find myself pulled towards landscape photography. I get lost in the lines, shapes, patterns and textures that often present themselves when I am exploring Wild Places.



This is a new photographic endeavor for me, but one that I’m incredibly excited about. Especially as it relates to my new project: Portraits From the Parks.



Ongoing Projects

America’s Wild Places

On October 25th, 2019 my partner Nathalie and I will be embarking on a 5-year photographic journey through America’s National Parks.  Spending 3-4 weeks exploring and photographing the seldom seen backcountry of each park.

Catching Basin – Upper Yosemite Falls

Spring in The Valley

Each spring since 2016 I’ve been fortunate to spend 3-4 weeks exploring and photographing Yosemite Valley. This time of wilderness and art therapy led to the creation of my first portfolio of work. And one that I plan to continue to grow!

Moonbow – Lower Yosemite Falls

Portraits From the Parks

As we explore the National Parks, I will be interviewing and photographing indigenous people and other individuals who have committed their lives to working in and protecting these Wild Places.

Tony Wade – Yosemite NP, Spring 2018

New Images


Interested in purchasing one of my images or just want to connect? Please reach out via phone, email or drop me a note!

Currently in Asheville, NC

1 (503) 319 – 5351